Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Golden Retriever

In our last blog post, we discussed ways you can keep your Golden Retriever safe during Halloween. Now, the next holiday to arrive is Thanksgiving. While your Goldie won’t be wearing a costume anymore, they will be tempted by all the food you will be enjoying. There’s nothing saying that your Golden Retriever can’t join in on the fun, but you should take a few extra precautions.

Know which foods are safe and which are not

There will be a lot of food on Thanksgiving day, so it’s best to know which ones are safe for your dogs to eat and which ones aren’t. Turkey, for instance, is safe, but you have to ensure that there are no bones in the meat and that it’s well-cooked. Additionally, any desserts are off limits for dogs. To find a full list, check out the ASPCA’s website here.

Don’t let people feed your dog from the table

Chances are your pup will station themselves right at the table, hoping for a few scraps. Some guests, and especially kids, may be tempted to give them a few bites off their plate. Don’t let them. Many people are not aware of what foods are dangerous to dogs. A child may innocently give your Goldie a piece of cake and now your pup is sick. So, make sure everyone knows that the dog is now allowed scraps from the table. If you have to, keep your pup in a separate room while dinner is going on.

Take out the trash as frequently as possible

Many bones and other scraps you have from cooking will wind up in the garbage. That’s all very well and good…until your pup manages to get into the trash can. To avoid this, take out the trash frequently, especially after you’ve disposed of the turkey carcass and bones.

For more tips on how to care for your Golden Retriever, look through our blog today!