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Golden Retrievers & Halloween: Safety Tips for the Spooky Season

Halloween is a time of costumes, candy, and festive fun. While we humans get excited about the spooky celebrations, it’s important to consider the safety and comfort of our furry companions, especially the ever-curious Golden Retrievers. Let’s dive into some essential tips to ensure that Halloween is a treat for both you and your Golden!… Read more »

The Best Exercises for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, active dogs. As such, they’ll need frequent exercise that works out both their body and their mind. Here, we list out some of the best exercises for your Golden Retriever to keep them happy and healthy. Running and/or Walking Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple run or walk around… Read more »

Why Golden Retrievers Make Good Service Dogs

Service dogs are important companions for adults and children with special needs. Many breeds are well-suited for the rule of service dog, but few top it like the Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are a popular breed for service dogs, and for good reason! Loyal, intelligent, and patient, they have all the characteristics necessary for being… Read more »