Why Golden Retrievers Make Good Service Dogs

Service dogs are important companions for adults and children with special needs. Many breeds are well-suited for the rule of service dog, but few top it like the Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are a popular breed for service dogs, and for good reason! Loyal, intelligent, and patient, they have all the characteristics necessary for being service dogs.

Here are a few more reasons why Golden Retrievers make good service dogs:

Golden Retrievers are extremely intelligent

Service dogs need to learn commands, memorize routes, and stay concentrated when on-duty. As such, they need to be very smart animals. Thankfully, Golden Retrievers match the bill. This breed is one of the smartest breeds out there. They will easily memorize commands and know how to navigate all sorts of situations.

They are active, but not too energetic

Golden Retrievers are an active breed, but not overly so. This is crucial for service dog work as a service dog will need to be moving around for most of the day. However, a service dog cannot be too energetic where they get distracted from their work. Golden Retrievers are in a great middle point where they have enough energy to keep moving for most of the day but not too much where they become too much to handle.

Goldies are affectionate and loyal

A proper service dog remains professional but loyal to their handlers. They care very much about the well-being of their handlers. As such, having a dog that is affectionate and loyal like the Golden Retriever is the perfect fit. You will never have to worry about yourself or your loved one when they have a Golden Retriever by your side.

At MN English Golden, many of our adult Golden Retrievers are adopted as service dogs. To learn more, contact us today.