Fall Safety Tips for Your Golden Retriever

Fall is a beautiful season, full of colors, earthy smells, and mouth-watering foods. Whether it’s going out for walks or enjoying a pumpkin path, it’s no wonder why you want to enjoy the fall season with your Golden Retriever. But be aware—the fall season also poses some risks to our four-legged friends.

Keep them away from mushrooms

During the autumn months, mushrooms start popping up all over the place. Many of these fungi are safe to eat, but some are highly toxic. Unfortunately, our Golden Retrievers don’t know which ones are toxic and which ones are safe. They simply see something growing out of the ground and decide to take a bite out of it. That’s why it’s important to keep your Goldie on a leash while you’re out on walks and to keep and eye out for anything poking out of the ground.

Be aware of wildlife

Fall is when many animals prepare for hibernation. As such, they’re out and about more often, trying to get plenty of food before their winter snooze. Be careful, then, if you let your Golden Retriever out without a leash and always check before letting them out into the backyard.

Check for ticks

Ticks can survive into the winter months. So, just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t meant your Golden Retriever is safe from ticks. Ticks thrive in damp environments, so they’re most often found in piles of leaves during the fall months. It might be tempting to let your Goldie roll around in the leaves, but it’s best to keep them away.

Be careful walking in the evening

The days get shorter and shorter in the fall. If you’re used to taking your Goldie walking in the evening, then, chances are you’ll be walking in the dark. Wear reflective gear so cars can see you, and carry a flashlight to make yourselves even more visible. Nighttime is also when many animals come out, so always keep an eye out for raccoons, coyotes, and skunks.

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