Why Do Golden Retrievers Make Great Pets?

Dogs make wonderful family pets. One of the most popular dog breeds that families tend to look into are golden retrievers. There are countless reasons as to why golden retrievers make the best addition to your family.

Here are the reasons golden retrievers make great family pets. 

Golden Retrievers are Gentle Dogs 

Although still a high energy dog, gold retrievers are also known to be very gentle. Golden Retrievers have a very soft mouth and will act carefully around you. Because of their gentleness, they are also great dogs to have around your children. They will be gentle when retrieving items, as well as taking treats from your hand. Overall, golden’s are a great, gentle family dog.

Golden Retrievers are Loyal to Their Owners 

Golden retrievers love to spend time with their owners. They’re not only friends to everyone, but they are also extremely loyal to their families. Golden retrievers respect and listen to their owners and have a drive to make their owners happy, which generally makes them easier to train than other breeds. The more time you spend training your Golden, the deeper bond you can create with them.

Golden Retrievers are Interested in Listening to You 

Although this may sound crazy, your Golden Retriever loves to listen to you. Whether you need to talk about your long day at work or you want to have a conversation with your pet, your Golden will show that they’re listening with perked ears and a head tilt. Although they can’t form a response back, it’s therapeutic to sit and chat with your furry friend.

Golden Retrievers Get Along With Other Household Pets 

If you have other pets in the house, this shouldn’t deter you from getting a dog. Your Golden Retriever will quickly adapt to other pets in the house, including cats and other smaller pets. As long as they are appropriately socialized with your other pets, they will treat them and protect them just like the other members of your family.

How to Add a Golden Retriever to Your Family 

If you’re interested in adding a Golden Retriever to your family, contact MN English Golden. We have English Golden puppies available that are loyal, lovable, and ready to be apart of your family. Give us a call or text at 507-351-8510 with any questions you have.