The Five Stages of a Golden Retriever Puppy’s Growth

Each Golden Retriever puppy is unique. They have their own characteristics, features, and personalities. Nevertheless, they all go through similar growth phases, specifically five stages of growth. Being aware of these stages can help owners know what their puppies need and when. Read on to learn more:

Stage One: Neonatal

This is when your puppy is just out of the womb up until about three weeks of age. They are largely helpless at this stage and are still kept with their mother. Eventually you will see their eyes and ears begin to open and their baby teeth begin to come through.

Stage Two: Socialization

This stage lasts from when puppies are three weeks old to twelve weeks old. Puppies still largely stay with their mother, but they’re able to walk, explore, play, and eat some solid foods. This is when many breeders start socializing their puppies by placing them with other people and animals.

Stage Three: Juvenile

Now the fun begins! When puppies are three to six months old, they’re in their juvenile stage. This is when you’ll be able to take your Golden Retriever puppy home. You can also begin training them and you should plan on getting them spayed or neutered during this stage.

Stage Four: Sexual Maturity

If you have not spayed or neutered your pup, then they will start entering sexual maturity, which usually beings around six months of age. Puppies will also begin showing territorial behavior and will experience rapid growth. Goldies in particular grow quickly during this stage.

Stage Five: Adulthood

By 16 months, your Golden Retriever is a fully-fledged adult. Males will be able 23-24 inches tall, while females will be 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall. Your Goldie may still look a little lanky, but don’t worry! They’ll fill out in the coming months. You will also notice the longer hair on their tails and legs beginning to grow in.

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