“Daija”- Daija Dancing Doll MN English Golden

DAIJA Is an exceptional Dam. Daija has EXCELLENT/GOOD genetic testings and produces ICT CLEAR PUPS. Daija has a clean lineage. She produces exceptional extra healthy, exquisite awesome loving temperament and incredible beautiful pups with big heads. Many of her pups will go to become therapy and service goldens.  Daija’s pups are highly intelligent and easy to train. This is another strong lineage that has been proven for many years to have exceptional superior pups. She comes from the famous GRYFFINDOR JUNIOR THE BEST BARON  from Poland. Multiple Championship lineages from all over the world. Daija is a beautiful light english cream girl that has such a calm, docile exquisite loving temperament. She loves to lay on her back, full of love, exceptionally intelligent and very sweet. Very seldom does she bark. Loves to be with you, also is independent. Great disposition and excellent pedigree that again has been proven for many years for superior extra healthy pups. We are thrilled and blessed we kept her and a couple of her sisters from our previous lines that all produce extra healthy pups and ICT CLEAR Pups in the past and now bringing forward into the future.



  • CHIC #
  • AKC: SS41517901
  • DOB: 2/19/2022
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • HIPS: GOOD – OFA- GR-2475091G
  • ELBOWS: Normal – OFA- GR-EL2475091
  • PATELLA: Normal- OFA- GR-PA3428/15F/P-VPI
  • HEART: Normal – OFA- GR-BCA7823/15F/P-VPI
  • ICH: Ichthyosis: Clear/ Normal – OFA- GR-ICH3073/21F-PI
  • ICH2: Clear/Normal- OFA- GR-I2-454/21F-PI
  • PRA 1: Clear/Normal- OFA- GR-GR1-2974/21F-PI : Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • PRA 2: Clear/Normal- OFA- GR-GR2-2804/21F-PI :Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • PRCD: Clear/Normal -OFA- GR-PRA2978/21F-PI: Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration
  • MD: Clear/Normal -OFA- GR-MD1150/21F-PI : Muscular Dystrophy Gene
  • DM: Clear/ Normal – OFA- GR-DM2683/21F-PI: Degenerative Myelopathy
  • NCL : Clear/ Normal – OFA- GR-CL5-3868/21F-PI:Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
  • COI: 10 generation- 4.54% (less than breed average of 8.29%) : Coefficient of Inbreeding