European Golden Retriever

This precious Dam is also exceptional. She is so sweet, docile, an exquisite true loving girl. Like all of our goldens, she loves to lay on her back and make you MELT! She has a blocky head and has a very beautiful dove white thick coat and blocky build. She has that EUROPEAN FLAIR with a long feathering fan tail. She is a true pleaser. She always smiles. She comes from one of the best lineages. With a long line of EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS from around the world. Her lines have been proven to also have extra healthy pups with exceptional big blocky teddy bear faces. She is from our very own POLAND IMPORT “Buddy” with EXCELLENT testings from ASHBURY LINEAGE. Also CH Russia Riviera Iz Stolitsy Urala , CH CAMPOS DANAKO etc. She has one of highest RATING of Genetic testings. Has CHIC # and all OFA HEALTH CERTIFICATES #’s that are EXCELLENT/GOOD genetic testings. Plus all CLEAR TESTINGS, Produces ICT CLEAR PUPS. She has a really low COI at 10 generations and even at 12 generations she is below breed average. We strive for less genetic problems. All GENETIC Health Clearances with numbers shown below. Also search OFA.org and K9data.com for proof of records of CERTIFICATES #”S.



  • CHIC #: 141639
  • AKC: SR99266201
  • DOB: 08/09/2016
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Hips: GOOD – OFA- GR-126417G34F-VPI
  • Elbows: Normal – OFA- GR-EL46001F34-VPI
  • Heart: Normal- OFA- GR-ACA1830/36F-VPI
  • Eye: Normal- OFA- GR-EYE13903/36F-VPI
  • ICH: Clear/ Norma l- OFA- GR-ICH907/15F-PI Ichthyosis
  • PRA1: Clear/ Normal- OFA- GR1-85/15F-PI Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • PRA2: Clear/ Normal- OFA-GR2-677/15F-PI Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • PRCD: Clear/ Normal- OFA- GR-PRA889/15F-PI Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration
  • MD: Clear/ Normal- OFA- GR-MD26/15F-PI Muscular Dystrophy Gene
  • DM: Clear/Normal – OFA- GR-DM1078/41F-PI Degenerative Myelopathy
  • NCL : Clear/Normal - OFA- GR-CL5-2262/41F-PI Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
  • COI: : 10 generation- 3.52% Coefficient of Inbreeding ( less than breed average of 8.29% )
  • COI: 12 generation- 7.56% Coefficient of Inbreeding ( less than breed average of 8.29%)